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Are you thinking of purchasing a home?  There are several steps to get ready to buy a home. First you should get your finances in order and have copies of documents like tax returns, bank statements, employment and income verification, and a list of assets and debt.  You will need to know what your current credit looks like and a good lender will help you do that right off the bat.  Shop for money like you shop for a home. 

Use your resources and compare loan programs and costs. Check out your local credit unions, your personal banker and other financial resources.   You can also contact a  mortgage broker to shop for a loan. Aimee Long goes the extra mile to take care of clients. She works day and night to make sure she closes transactions as promised.

After you are pre approved for a loan it's time to find your new home. Think about what is important to you in buying a home.  I can give you a check list of things to consider such as number of rooms, features and amenities .  We will work together to figure out what is the best setting for your new home. As your realtor I will help you match your interests and needs to your perfect job is to be your agent and advocate. After we find the home I will take you through the process of  contract negotiation, home inspection, title search, appraisal, home repairs and additional negotiations all the way through to closing. 

Let's get started.....       FIND THE RIGHT MORTGAGE FOR YOU!